About the Megara Entertainment Team

Megara-entertainment.com aims to provide news, features, and a community dedicated to role-playing games and massively multiplayer online games. To get in touch with Megara-entertainment.com, see below to see who you should contact or use the contact form.

Eddie Jennings

President / CEO

Eddie played computer games for nearly 20 years, and the domain name megara-entertainment.com came into his own in early 2020. At first, he was in charge of all the website content and programming. He previously established Web Solutions Inc. – in 1995 – as an ongoing web development firm. He resides in New York with his family.
Eddie is nowadays the Head of the business end of the website.

You may reach him via eddie@megara-entertainment.com if you are interested in discussing advertising, competitions, or the site as a whole.

Ariya Fitzgerald

Vice President / CTO

In January 2021, Ariya joined Megara-Entertainment.com to take charge of on-site programming. For everything that you see here today, she is accountable. Before joining Megara-Entertainment.com, she has already written reservation systems for the hotel, air, car, and golf travel business.

Ariya’s an eager and successful chef as well. After working as a pastime for more than ten years at cooking, she took over the specialties at a prominent restaurant in New York, from a passion to a vocation in 2018.

You may contact Ariya at ariya@megara-Entertainment.com for technical difficulties with the website.

Annabelle Mills

Vice President / CTO

Annabelle started her gaming career on the Atari 2600 with Adventure Quest. She has been a private PC player since 2001 with his first MUD. She’s owned almost every major system. Since then, she has searched for and wrote about the freshest and best online gaming experiences the industry has to offer since 2008. Annabelle is always passionate about anything technology and likes to look for stuff that pushes gaming to the next level.

She also writes about RPGs and runs Megara Entertainment’s official podcast. Annabelle and her husband, two children, and three pets reside in Western New York.

Please contact Annabelle at annabelle@megara-entertainment.com for any matters connected to and beyond technology.