World of Warcraft – Ray Tracing in Shadowlands

Although World of Warcraft is a sixteen-year-old game, it does not have visuals that are decades old. The game’s technology has been enhanced with each expansion, and the new Shadowlands expansion last autumn added a subtle but essential new feature to the scenery: ray tracing.

An important note: To enable ray tracing in World of Warcraft, your desktop gaming machine, or a gaming laptop, you should have bought a pc or laptop with an RTX graphics card if you want ray tracing support. If you don’t know anything about gaming hardware in general, the guys behind the ASCINC website compiled a great list of the best laptops for World of Warcraft. All the laptops listed there enable you to play WoW smoothly on max settings with all the ray tracing visual effects.

Subtle because Warcraft’s lighting is already a considerable component of the game; a single map may contain hundreds of light sources, and that’s before weather effects (which include ambient and natural lighting), and other sources of illumination are included.

So, if you’re expecting a BAM, now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t effect from ray tracing, you could be disappointed.
Ray tracing, like a piece of soothing music, may improve your immersion in … Read more ...