Help Megara fund a new Lone Wolf spin-off: Autumn Snow 1 (both in English and French)

Help Megara finance the costs associated with publishing this Lone Wolf official spin-off. Read the project description for more details.

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Projects Ends:

My thanks to all the supporters for this first in-house campaign. What's next? Megara will complete the funding needed. I already sent 4000 euros to Gary and so he has enough to illustrate the interior. I will push further and try to gather the cover cost as well. Gary told me it should be fine to finish all the book illustrations by January or early February. So I will probably start printing the book around that time. I'll post any news on this page. You'll also get an email when the illustrations are done. I will not show here all the illustrations but at least 2 or 3 besides the cover. So after posting those the page will be a bit silent until next year - but I'll try at least to indicate you Gary's progress. We will probably also do a Kickstarter at the end of next year for a sequel. We could not use KS for this first book because we had already the Lone Wolf boardgame on that platform and my partner Richard didn't want us to run 2 KS campaigns almost at the same time. Thus the experiment to do it on our site. At least the 2300 euros gathered here have helped Megara with the costs of artworks by Gary. So it was not a bad thing. I might run other campaigns that way, some on KS, some here. Depending on the project and on what is running on KS.

Talk to you later! I need to finish the Way of the Tiger book 7 and start shipping that book along with others, but in the meantime Gary is on Autumn Snow until January.

Mikaël LOUYS, Founder and Manager

Megara Entertainment

Behold the adventures of a new Kai Initiate...

"The beginning of something is always special, and the beginning of a grand adventure like Lone Wolf is even more.  Autumn Snow promises a story with the freshness, excitement and sheer potential of the original series, with game design shaped by the wisdom of years spent in that world."

-- Richard S. Hetley, Megara Entertainment, LLC

"I'm delighted to launch the Lone Wolf Joe Dever's Classic Collection with this wonderful work by Martin Charbonneau. Martin writes with a refreshingly authoritative style which perfectly captures the mood and motivations of the New Order Kai. This is a very promising debut by a gifted young gamebook writer."

-- Joe Dever

"It’s great to have the chance to go back to Magnamund again, although this time my drawings will be featuring  a new character - Autumn Snow! The servants of the Darklords and the warriors of Sommerlund are some of my favourite subjects, so I’d better start sharpening my pencils..."

-- Gary Chalk

For the past seven years, you have been training and studying at the Kai Monastery. You have demons­trated great potential and already master five of the ten elementary Kai Disciplines, granting you the rank of Kai Initiate. Your parents gave you the name Kania, but today, you are better known by your Kai name, Autumn Snow.

Recently, a missive reached the King of Sommer­lund, sent by the fishermen of Misty Bay. This little village is located on Kirlu Island, the largest land mass of the Kirlundin archipelago, just south of Silvershore, the island’s main town. The village’s inhabitants were requesting the army’s assistance, claiming they had seen Darkland creatures, namely Giaks, wandering in the island’s interior. Initially, this request was met with skepticism, but when the fishermen of Misty Bay stopped supplying merchant ships with red salmon, a highly sought-after local delicacy, the King finally agreed to send an inspector to the island. The New Order Kai was swiftly informed of the situation.

When these troubling rumours of enemies within Sommerlund reached the Grand Master’s ears, he promptly designated a trustworthy investigator. It so happens that your main instructor, Kai Master Silver Flame, was tasked with this mission. As his most gifted student, you have been chosen to accompany him to Silvershore. According to your master, this low-risk mission will be beneficial to the advancement of your training, which has been showing signs of stagnation.

“I think this assignment will do you good, Autumn Snow. If you wish to attain the rank of Aspirant, you will need to push yourself past your current limitations.”

Despite the implied criticism, you are proud to have been chosen for this mission. A Kai student is not granted many opportunities to leave the Monastery during her formative years. Conse­quently, you have prepared yourself well, even training twice as hard during practice sessions lest your master lose confidence in you and choose someone else.

At last, the time has come to leave. Riding a pair of thoroughbreds, Silver Flame and yourself begin the trip to Holmgard, the capital of Sommerlund, where a merchant ship is waiting to take you on board and ferry you to Kirlu. “Did you bring all your equipment?” asks your master. You nod your head; you are ready.

Your first real mission as a Kai is about to begin!

Campaign explanation

Hello and welcome to the first in-house crowdfunding project by Megara Entertainment. Megara has a deal with Joe Dever, Gary Chalk and long-time Lone Wolf fan Martin Charbonneau (aka 'The Oiseau') to publish Autumn Snow 1 in English and French, a new spin-off series in the Lone Wolf universe. I am Mikaël Louys, Megara founder, and I decided to create this in-house campaign in order to be able to fund and produce more quickly this book than if we had used our traditional Kickstarter account.

The money we are asking for represents the amount we have to reach for the project to be launched and the books printed. It's not the cost of printing since Megara now uses an in-house print on demand system. It's simply all the other costs associated with the project, and Megara cannot at that time face those costs alone. Thus, we are asking the Lone Wolf fans for help.

How pledges work and what I can get from them

You can donate any amount (only PayPal is accepted) to help finance the costs to produce this gamebook in PDF and print, both in English and French.

NOTE: any money donated is immediately withdrawn from your PayPal account just as when you order a book on our Megara webstore.

There should be no refund, because as stated in the 'What if we fail to reach our goal' section we are going to print and deliver the book anyway even if we don't meet the exact target.

If you donate less than 29 euros, you will get the illustrated PDF in your language once it's done.

If you donate 29 euros, you will get the PDF + (in your language) the hardback black & white version of the book (with a nice paper quality), worldwide shipping included. We're doing only a nice black & white book because we are working with Gary Chalk and a lot of his fans love his black & white style. The cover will be in colour though, of course. No softcover edition is planned, we want a durable book like the Lone Wolf Collector's edition by Mantikore.

If you donate more than 29 euros, we will add to your hardback book, in your parcel, a surprise gift chosen by Megara Entertainment (we'll make sure it's something you don't already have).

Costs breakdown and stretch goals:

  1. (If we reach our initial goal of 5,000 euros) Commission art (5000 euros). We're asking the great Gary Chalk to do the inside illustrations for the Autumn Snow 1 book. He agreed to illustrate the book and if the campaign is successful, we will be able to have:
    • x19 Black/White full page illustrations
    • x10 Black/White page fillers
    • x10 Bl/W Introduction fillers(Objects)
    • x1Bl/W Filler for Action Chart
    • x1 Full colour cover (to replace the placeholder picture you see here on this page)
  2. (If we reach 5,500 euros) Pay the Autumn Snow editing and playtesting by our Editor in Chief Richard Hetley from Megara LLC
  3. (If we reach 6,000 euros) Pay an advance royalty to Joe Dever because Lone Wolf is his series and he will revise (if necessary) and approve the book.
  4. (If we reach 6,500 euros) Pay an advance royalty to Martin Charbonneau, the Autumn Snow author.

As for the layout, I'll do it myself for free. I am also the guy printing and shipping your books. As soon as we fund the campaign, I will transfer the funds to Gary, Joe, Richard and Martin and everyone will get to work immediately. If we would have used Kickstarter we would have waited one month to receive the funds, but here with our in-house system it's immediate so at any time when we complete the goal, I'll transfer the funds to our team members for their respective work.

What if we fail to reach our goal:

If we fail to reach our goal, don't worry, we will still publish the book.

Delivery timeframe

Autumn Snow 1 has been written already in English, and won't take long to be converted to French as well. So I expect to get the book finished early next year, with your help, of course. Many thanks in advance if you help that project to come true.

For Sommerlund and the Kai! (and thank you, Joe, for accepting Megara to publish this exciting new saga!)

Mikaël Louys


Megara Entertainment

The Official Lone Wolf Logo ® is used with the permission of Joe Dever.

Project description in French / Description du projet en français:


Depuis maintenant six ans, vous étudiez au Monastère Kaï sous la tutelle des maîtres du Nouvel Ordre, fondé par le légendaire Seigneur Kaï Loup Solitaire. Vous avez démontré de grandes aptitudes et maîtrisez déjà pleinement cinq des Disciplines Kaï élémentaires, ce qui fait de vous une Initiée de l’Ordre Kaï. Vos parents vous ont baptisée Kania, mais aujourd’hui, vous êtes mieux connue sous votre nom Kaï, Neige d’Automne.

Récemment, une missive est parvenue au roi du Sommerlund, envoyée par les pêcheurs du hameau de Côte d’Argent. Ce petit village côtier est situé sur l’île de Kirlu, la terre la plus vaste de l’archipel des Kirlundin. Les habitants du hameau demandaient l’aide de l’armée royale et affirmaient avoir aperçu des créatures des Royaumes des Ténèbres, notamment des Gloks, dans l’intérieur de l’île. Tout d’abord, la requête a été reçue avec scepticisme, mais lorsque les pêcheurs de Côte d’Argent ont refusé d’approvisionner les navires marchands en saumons rouges, très recherchés pour leur saveur exquise, le roi a finalement accepté de dépêcher un inspecteur sur les lieux. L’Ordre Kaï a naturellement été mis au courant de la situation.

Lorsque les rumeurs troublantes de présences ennemies au Sommerlund sont parvenues aux oreilles du Grand Maître Kaï, celui-ci a accepté de désigner un investigateur. Or, il s’avère que la mission a échu à votre tuteur, le Maître Kaï Flamme d’Argent. Étant son élève la plus douée, vous avez été choisie pour l’accompagner à Côte d’Argent. Selon Flamme d’Argent, cette mission à faible risque sera très bénéfique pour votre apprentissage, qui commence à montrer des signes de stagnation au Monastère. « Je crois que l’excursion te fera du bien, Neige d’Automne. Si tu veux accéder au rang d’Aspirante, tu dois pousser davantage ton entraînement. »

En dépit du reproche implicite, vous êtes fière d’avoir été choisie pour ce voyage. Un élève Kaï n’a pas souvent l’occasion de quitter le Monastère au cours de sa formation. Par conséquent, vous vous êtes préparée avec soin, redoublant même d’efforts aux exercices, de peur de perdre la faveur de votre maître dans les derniers jours avant le départ. Enfin, le moment est venu. Montés sur une paire de pur-sang, vous et Flamme d’Argent avez pris la route de Holmgard, la capitale du Sommerlund, où un navire marchand doit vous embarquer et vous conduire à Kirlu. « As-tu songé à emporter tout ton équipement ? » demande votre maître. Vous hochez affirmativement la tête.

Explication de la campagne

Bienvenue dans notre premier projet de financement participatif hébergé directement sur une nouvelle plateforme en interne réalisée par nos soins sur notre site Internet de Megara Entertainment. Megara y organise la publication avec Joe Dever, Gary Chalk et le célèbre auteur de LDVELH Martin Charbonneau ('The Oiseau', XHOROMAG) de Neige D’Automne 1: Le Puits des Ténèbres en Anglais et Français, un «spin-off » officiel de la série Loup Solitaire avec une nouvelle jeune Initiée Kai. L'argent que nous demandons dans cette campagne représentent tous les coûts (auteur, licence, dessins, corrections…) associés au projet excepté l’impression (qui ne nécessite pas un financement à l’avance car nous imprimons à la demande).

39 thoughts on “Help Megara fund a new Lone Wolf spin-off: Autumn Snow 1 (both in English and French)

    1. I don’t see an English language pledge form! Please fix!

      The form to enter your name address and so on is in English.
      Don’t worry for the book language: I will ask you by email which version you want after the campaign and before shipping.

      1. Hello Sam
        Because we are keeping Kickstarter for the Lone Wolf boardgame with a Sept 17th soft launch and we didn’t want to run 2 projects on the same platform. Also, I wanted to experiment in-house crowdfunding.

    2. If this project does not fund we won’t get any money back, but we will get a book of less quality than if the project funded? With Kickstarter at least we get our money back if the project doesn’t fund. It seems more risky to give you money and hope the project funds. I don’t understand why it would enable you to make the book quicker if you don’t use Kickstarter. You also would have made much more money there with the Lone Wolf name. I would have been a hit there. I don’t get it.

      1. The answer was above: this fall we already use KS for the boardgame. And I wanted to still start working on Autumn Snow. However, I understand you and think the same for the future and we will probably make a KS for the book 2 of Autumn Snow, next year. As of the lower quality if we don’t reach the goal…let’s not be pessimistic :) We will try not to lower the quality whatever the result of this campaign.

    3. Greetings! Out of curiosity where should we go to get updates or place an order for this book?

      I’ve been a fan of Line Wolf since my mother bought me book 1 many years ago. I’m thrilled to see another book series starting, and any updates would be wonderful. Thanks!

  1. Just to confirm, though I am 99% sure I know the answer, this crowd-funder takes the money immediately?

    If this is the case what happens if the date is reached and the target is not met?

    Why are you not getting paid? Its not an unreasonable expectation that you will get some money?!?

    1. Hi Morgan!
      I just updated the project description to answer your question!
      1) Yes, the money is immediately donated via Paypal just like when you do a Paypal purchase on our webstore.
      2) If target not met: I’ll throw a bit of our company cash to still publish the book with the best quality I can. That book WILL be published :)
      3) That’s alright if I don’t get paid on that one – I have a daytime job and a salary. The goal is already high (partly because we hire a professional illustrator) so I didn’t want to make it even higher.

  2. I have two questions:
    (1) It is implied, but not explicitly stated, that this is a gamebook. Is it a gamebook?
    (2) Does “both in English and French” mean that this will be a dual-language edition, or that there will be an English edition and a French edition? Only the English-language text will be of use to me.

    1. Yep, we will produce both a French and an English version, and I will ship accordingly to your country. That’s two different versions of the same book. Yes it’s a gamebook, 350 sections and Lone Wolf “revival”

  3. Bonjour !

    Est-il possible de fournir les explications ci-dessus en français ?

    Etant donné que la publication sera éditée dans les deux langues, ce serait plus sympa.

    Belle journée à tous !

    1. Suffit de le préciser à notre email
      - Si tu veux en deux langues juste en PDF, contribue le montant de ton choix
      - Si tu veux les deux livres cartonnés, contribue un minimum de 29*2=58 euros

    1. 8000 euros was what was needed. Gary is asking for 4290 euros for Art, I have his bill right here. I wanted to pay a minimum of 500 euros for editing to Richard. I wanted to pay an advance royalty of 500 euros to both Joe and Martin in addition to their %. Thats: 5790 euro. Add to this the cost of shipping and printing for the backers who are taking the hardback book = 8000 euros. However it seemed we were never getting there. So I reduced it to 6k then 5k to at least cover Gary’s art and a bit of shipping and printing.
      This is the first time I set a goal using the internal platform so please bear with this.
      The goal was just too high for a platform less known than KS for instance.
      Also it’s the first time we do this so I was unsure of how it would progress. Please do not question my honesty as it is painful for me if you do as I am always trying to do good; See, I just gave you all the cost details and some explanation. Sorry for not explaining before altering.

    1. Thanks – yes only Paypal for now, and as an option (but only for French customers) you can also send a French chèque by the post at our address (Megara Entertainment SARL, 37 rue d’Antibes, 06400 Cannes, France)

  4. Now it just sounds as if I’m grumbling, but I like the original cover painting (though I have no doubt that Mr Chalk will do a fine job with the new cover art).

  5. I’ve just read the first sections, and so far I’m impressed. It definitely has the feel of a Lone Wolf story.
    One thing I must quibble about. On page 20 the first sentence reads “You are also permitted to bring a Weapon, but not the one you’re proficient in, should you have chosen the Kai Discipline of Weaponskill.”
    This is somewhat ambiguous, as it could be interpreted as meaning you can only bring a weapon IF you have Weaponskill. I’d suggest something like “You may also bring a Weapon of your choice. However, if you have the Discipline of Weaponskill, it may not be the Weapon you are proficient in.”
    That aside, this all looks very promising.

  6. Given that you are going ahead with the book anyway, wouldn’t it be simpler just to have a system whereby people pre-order at a fixed price?

          1. And I am no longer using, answering here or updating this page, everything is on the webstore or Kickstarter now!! Thanks
            email me at for any question!!

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