Different Ways to Gain Gold in Guild Wars 2

Different Ways to Gain Gold in Guild Wars 2

Although it is considered a more casual kind of MMORPG, money still plays a role in Guild Wars 2. Gold is easy to come by if you know where to look.

Just like in the real world, there’s not much you can accomplish without cash in Guild Wars 2. The money used in this MMORPG is gold, and it is significantly more flexible than all the other currencies combined. Gold is a versatile tool for most players, letting them manufacture legendary gear or buy Living World items that they missed. It is used most commonly to buy aesthetic enhancements that are tasty.

Even compared to other popular MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 is one of the more generous ones. Instead of buying in-game currency or real money, gamers may rather spend in-game gold. The downside is that it is difficult to amass a large amount of gold as it doesn’t grow on trees.

Running about randomly and doing things in the hope of becoming wealthy is not likely to help you in the long run.
Some actions produce more gold than others, so be sure to capitalize on this time in Tyria’s gold rush.

1. Flipping Materials in Trade Post

Flipping Materials - GW2

All Player-Controlled Marketplaces use this in MMOs. Unfortunately, you cannot accomplish this in Guild Wars 2. You have to rely on plenty of luck and careful preparation.

Flipping means purchasing something for less money and then selling it for more. To maximize the profits, they should strive to get resources in the trading post while they are cheapest and then sell them after they become scarce and their prices have risen. By using websites like gw2efficiency, gamers may monitor patterns and variations of trade posts on official servers.

2. Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion - GW2

Many people are unaware that they might be sitting on a fortune that is just waiting to be sold. Karma, Spirit Shards, and Badges of Honor may be turned for gold, much like other currencies.

You may use the currencies you earn to purchase crafting materials, and then those materials may be utilized to create desired things, which will be sold at a greater price than the costs of materials. Another option is to find a website like gw2efficiency to find out which currencies have a fair exchange value.

3. Materials Crafting

Materials Crafting - GW2

When doing anything with crafting resources yields more gold if you have a little more patience and business sense.
The kind of commodities that are most sought for vary based on their location and rarity.

Ascended crafting resources are one of the best value options since you’ll get the most gold for each unit, and you should have no problem acquiring the help if you already have them. If this is not the case, making some Rares or Exotics before selling them is also profitable.

4. Doing Daily Events

Doing Daily Events - GW2

Because of the day-to-day activities that are provided in Guild Wars 2, there will never be a lack of things to do for gamers. While they may grow dull after a while, they are still relatively simple to complete and provide rewards in the form of gold for minimum effort.

A few gold coins may be obtained only by completing three different accomplishments. The daily checklist for material collecting gives you anything from a few dozen silver to a couple of gold for every task.

5. Sell Materials Used For Crafting

Sell Materials - GW2

A player may have been playing the game for many months or weeks. He should always check over their item stash to see if anything needs to be replaced because they may have something as valuable as many gold pieces stashed away.

Timber, ores, or leather may all be acceptable materials. Anyone who wants to gain fast cash should sell these goods at the Black Lion Trading Company and utilize the money they get to purchase items at the auction house. Rarer items have a greater demand and hence have a higher asking price.

6. Run Dungeons

Run Dungeons - GW2

The mechanism of Dungeons might do this kind of continuous gold generation. The description in-game notes that it was a fundamental part of the process, but Living Story updates and expansions now eclipse it. Nonetheless, it is a reliable and pleasant method to make money each day.

Every time a player completes a dungeon, he or she receives gold (both Story and Explorable). Also, every player gets Tokens which they may spend to acquire rare exotic-level gear for themselves. This is highly recommended for brand-new players who have just completed the introductory storyline objectives.

7. Silverwastes Event

Silverwastes Event - GW2

The Silverwastes map event train is very reliable and long-running, making many players very wealthy. The whole event is based on the Silverwastes, which involves running a group and finishing up with the Breach meta event.

After that, a multitude of chests will be conveniently located around the map. Opening them will reveal crafting materials and goodies for the commander. These might fetch a high price. Additionally, the event may be repeated as many times as needed to create groups for the LFG.

8. Farming META Map Event

Farming META Map Event - GW2

Lately, the new Living World maps have become some of the most popular go-to sites for obtaining gold. Every area in the game has its metagame events that award enormous amounts of treasure bags.

There are objects inside these treasure bags that you may deconstruct and then sell at the trading post. It may be various events in Istan, ranging from the Istan Great Hall to Dragonfall festivities. Make sure you join a group so you can get the most out of your time together.

9. Fractals of the Mists

Fractals - GW2

If you are done with old dungeons and would rather something newer, like Fractals, it would bring more enjoyment. However, it will be more challenging to complete. Although it has both pros and downsides, it requires a squad of seasoned players to maintain a steady gold-earning rate.

This is the current best strategy, currently being done with the Fractal of the Mists’ Captain Mai Trin monster. Finally, players will be able to buy their desired box from the Fractal Lobby’s merchants using their encryption keys and fractal encryptions. If you work at it, this may return roughly ten gold an hour. Except for Mai Trin, other Fractal runs are thoroughly decent, as long as you can reliably get encryption keys.

10. Farming World Bosses

World Bosses - GW2

In Silverwastes’ early days, players have faced several farming world bosses and even champions across the area.

Today, it’s a little slower when compared to the META approaches that are updated more often, but it’s nevertheless effective and responsive. If players want to queue up to take on world bosses, they should search for an LFG group operating world boss trains. The spoils were given to each boss provide significant benefits that may be sold or exchanged to merchants. Running meta events isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s where spectator events offer an excellent option.

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